Connecticut Pistol Permit Class NRA Certified Instructor
Connecticut Pistol Carry Permit Instruction

NRA Certified, SAFE Instructor Certified and Insured

Why Take My Course?
Why Take My Class?

My goal is to make that as clear and easy as possible for new shooters.  I prefer to run classes in small groups, 1-4 people so each person can get the attention they deserve and leave the course feeling confident in their abilities with a firearm.

Smaller Class Size

As part of my class you will shoot several different  firearms. Why limit yourself to classes where you only one firearm?

Get to shoot multiple firearms

I am not affiliated with any gun store so I won't be "talking up" any particular brands. I will offer my opinion on various firearms I own, demonstrating the strengths and weakness of each. I don't just stop at firearms, I will also offer an honest assessment of the various firearm stores I visit.

If you prefer to be part of a larger class where you can coast through, then my class is not for you, but if you want to leave the class knowing how to handle a firearm confidently and safely - then my class is for you.

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