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Lost or Stolen Firearms
Lost or Stolen Firearms
Information from the Department of Public Safety
Lost or Stolen

Any time a pistol permit is lost or stolen the person should first contact police in the area where the theft or loss occurred and file a police report. The person should then contact the issuing authority and notify them of the theft or loss. Failure to notify the issuing authority may result in the revocation of your permit. SLFU can be contacted at (860) 685-8494 to report the loss or theft of a state pistol permit.

A person may replace a lost or stolen pistol permit by appearing in person at state police headquarters or any one of the four state police troop locations where pistol permits are processed. A list of the locations and business hours is provided below. A $5.00 processing fee is collected for issuance of a duplicate permit. The monies are payable via check or money order made out to the Commissioner of Public Safety. Cash is not accepted.

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