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Connecticut General Statutes - Pertaining to Firearms

Connecticut General Statutes - Pertaining to Firearms

Sec. 22a-74a Exemption of firing and shooting ranges from criminal and civil liability for noise and noise pollution.
Sec. 29-27 "Pistol" and "revolver" defined.
Sec. 29-28 Permit for sale at retail of pistol or revolver. Permit to carry pistol or
revolver. Confidentiality of name and address of permit holder.
Sec. 29-28a Application for permit. Notice of decision to applicant.
Sec. 29-29 Information concerning criminal records of applicants for permits.
Sec. 29-30 Fees for pistol and revolver permits. Expiration and renewal of permits.
Sec. 29-31 Display of permit to sell. Record of sales.
Sec. 29-32 Revocation of permit. Notification. Penalty for failure to surrender permit.
Sec. 29-32a Appeal from refusal or revocation of permit.
Sec. 29-32b Board of Firearms Permit Examiners. Appeals to board hearings.
Sec. 29-33 Sale, delivery or transfer of pistols and revolvers. Documentation requirements. Waiting period. Exempted transactions. Penalty.
Sec. 29-34 False statement or information in connection with sale or transfer of
pistol or revolver prohibited. Sale or transfer to person under
twenty-one years of age prohibited. Temporary transfers. Penalties.
Sec. 29-35 Carrying of pistol or revolver without permit prohibited. Exceptions.
Sec. 29-36 Alteration of firearm identification mark, number or name.
Sec. 29-36f Eligibility certificate for pistol or revolver.
Sec. 29-36g Application for eligibility certificate. Criminal history records check.
Deadline for approval or denial of an application. Form of certificate.
Change of address. Confidentiality of name and address of certificate
holder. Scope of certificate.
Sec. 29-36h Fee for eligibility certificate. Expiration and renewal of eligibility certificate.
Sec. 29-36i Revocation of eligibility certificate.
Sec. 29-36j Purchase or receipt of pistol or revolver without permit or eligibility certificate prohibited. Exceptions Repealed
Sec. 29-36k Transfer or surrender of pistols or revolver by person ineligible to possess same.
Sec. 29-36l State data base to supply information concerning validity of permits and eligibility certificate.
Sec. 29-36m Regulations
Sec. 29-37 Penalties.
Sec. 29-37a Application to purchase a firearm other than a pistol or revolver. Waiting period. Delivery. Exceptions.
Sec. 29-37b Firearms dealer to provide gun locking device and warning at time of
sale. Penalty.
Sec. 29-37c Transferred to Sec. 29-37i.
Sec. 29-37d Firearms dealer to install burglar alarm system on premises of its
establishment. Exceptions.
Sec. 29-37i Formerly Sec. 29-37c). Responsibilities Re: storage of loaded
firearms with respect to minors.
Sec. 29-37j Purchase of firearm with intent to transfer it to person prohibited
from purchasing or possessing.
Sec. 29-38 Weapons in vehicles.
Sec. 29-38a Out-of-state purchase or acquisition of rifles or shotguns. Repealed
Sec. 29-38b Determination of commitment status of person who applies for or
seeks renewal of firearm permit or certificate. Report on status of
Sec. 53-202 Machine guns.
Sec. 53-202a Assault weapons: Definition. Sec. 53-202b. Sale or transfer of assault
weapon prohibited. Class C felony.
Sec. 53-202c Possession of assault weapon prohibited. Class D felony.
Sec. 53-202d Certificate of possession of assault weapon. Certificate of transfer
of assault weapon to gun dealer. Circumstances where possession of
assault weapon authorized.
Sec. 53-202e Relinquishment of assault weapon to law enforcement agency.
Sec. 53-203 Unlawful discharge of firearms
Sec. 53-204 Hunting or discharging firearm from public highway.
Sec. 53-205 Shotguns, rifles and muzzleloaders in vehicles and snowmobiles.
Sec. 53-206 Carrying and sale of dangerous weapons.
Sec. 53-206a Application for permit. Notice of decision to applicant. Repealed
Sec. 53-206b Unlawful training in use of firearms, explosive or incendiary devices
or techniques capable of causing injury. Class C felony.
Sec. 53-206c Sale, carrying and brandishing of facsimile firearms prohibited.
Class B misdemeanor.
Sec. 53-206d Carrying of firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or
drug prohibited. Class B misdemeanor.
Sec. 53a-8 Criminal liability for acts of another.
Sec. 53a-16a Affirmative defense in certain situations involving firearms; exceptions.
Sec. 53a-211 Possession of a sawed-off shotgun or silencer: Class D felony.
Sec. 53a-212 Stealing a firearm. Class D felony.
Sec. 53a-216 Criminal use of firearm or electronic defense weapon: Class D felony.
Sec. 53a-217 Criminal possession of a firearm or electronic defense weapon:
Class D felony.
Sec. 53a-217a Criminally negligent storage of a firearm: Class D felony
Sec. 53a-217b Possession of a weapon on school grounds: Class D felony.
Sec. 53a-217c Criminal possession of a pistol or revolver: Class D felony.
Sec. 54-36e Firearms to be turned over to state police. Sale at public auction.
Sec. 54-36n Identification and tracing of seized and recovered firearms.

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