Connecticut Pistol Permit Class NRA Certified Instructor
Connecticut Pistol Carry Permit Instruction

NRA Certified, SAFE Instructor Certified and Insured

About Me - CT Firearm Instructor
About Me.

I am an NRA Certified in the following disciplines


 NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Personal Protection in the Home

NRA Firearms Home Safety

NRA Refuse To Be A Victim

NRA Range Safety Officer


I am a member of the SAFE Firearm Instructors group, insured and an active competitive pistol shooter who believes in teaching more than just the fundamentals of safe firearm handling. Each week I put into practice the safe firearm handling that I teach in the course.

The goal of the NRA course is "to teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for owning and using a pistol safely".

My goal is to make that as clear and easy as possible for new shooters.  I prefer to run courses in small groups, 1-4 people so each person can get the attention they deserve and leave the course feeling confident in their abilities with a firearm.

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